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Details -- I believe these make everything extra special. It's those little nuances which turn the ordinary to extraordinary. O Kitchen seems to have mastered the art of details. Every single item seems to have been well thought off. I have taken some pictures of these noteworthy details both in their utensils and in their dishes.

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(beautiful cutlery, soft curves on their squarish glasses, bits of pomelo on their shake, cute shape of their rice, etc.)

Simply put, they serve Filipino food. No, it can't be described as fusion or avante garde. It's simple, classic pinoy dishes cooked well...very well.

Our dinner consisted of the following: Kare-kare, Binagoongang Lechon Kawali, Chicken Wrapped in red egg. We had pomelo shake, mango shake and dessert too.


Kare-kare. I am still trying to decide if this is my favorite commercial karekare right now.(Serye is the other one I'm considering) Needless to say I really really loved this dish. I initially thought it was extremely cheap at 180 pesos for a reasonably sized bowl of karekare (for 2) but upon seeing that there's only one chunk of beef in the bowl...I changed my mind. I would say that the price is similar to the other restos serving kare-kare


Binagoongang Lechon Kawali. Whoever first concocted this dish deserves a nobel price. Lechon Kawali on anything actually tastes wonderful right? Given that simple fact...this dish is once again...great!!

Chicken Breast Rolled in Red Egg. The name of this dish is actually very misleading. I imagined a dish covered in red egg or covered in some sort of batter made with red egg. Apparently, it's rolled chicken with red egg inside. This is probably our least favorite among the dishes we ate's basically fried chicken with a little extra taste brought on by the egg. You dip the chicken in a sweet chili sauce with thin slices of cucumber.

Turon with Leche Flan. Instead of having bananas inside their turon, they filled it with leche flan...I was asking Ruy while eating this "Why haven't we done this before?" Why don't we go about wrapping everything in lumpia wrappers and deep frying them...tomorrow I will try to wrap a Krispy Kreme donut in lumpia and deep fry it...weheheh. This dish was a fun dish and though it wasn't was good enough to make me want to have it again in the future.

The food was good and affordable, the venue nice and comfortable. I love how this place is not commercialized like the other establishments in Libis. I'm sure the other people working in the area would appreciate knowing that they have one more option for their dinner dates.Oh oh oh...they give free kamote-cues as well!!

O Kitchen is located at the back of the floor center. Just turn right at the alley immediately before the Floor Center in Libis. They are open from 11am-230pm and from 6pm-10pm.


Drew said...

everything look zelicious! but i think i'll go for binagoongan lechon kawali! and krispy kreme wrapped in lumpia(!) :D well if they can deep fried chocolate bars why not donuts di ba?
thumbs up!

Olivia said...

Drew, are you even allowed to THINK about lechon kawali during ramadan? wahahha...don't let your neighbors here your thoughts.

docchef said...

will give this place a try soon:)

Olivia said...

That's great. We'll drop by your blog every once in a while to see what you think

We'll link you up



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