Green Tea Craze at Starbucks

So many dishes, so little stomach space. Ahhh our ever-present dilemma. Ruy and I always find ourselves faced with interesting dishes we would LOVE to try except of course our arteries can only take so much cholesterol and calories. =)

We thought it would be great if we could feature some new items we see during our trips even if we haven't really tried them. Please please let us know if you guys have and tell us what you think.


Green tea has been an ongoing obsession of Filipinos. It started out simple...with Green Tea Bags being sold in specialty shops, then later on in commonplace groceries. This obsession has gotten insane so much so that we are now swimming in everything green tea, from perfumes, drinks, candles, scrubs --and yes, even entire restaurants.

Starbucks has decided to add more products to this list. Here are their latest green tea products:



Some people adore green tea while some can't stand it's taste claiming that it tastes like tobacco. What about you? Are you ready to go green?


KC said...

I love green tea. So Starbucks has a new Green Tea products. Hmm. I might try that one time. I've stopped going to Starbucks ever since I discovered The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's chai lattes... =)

Litzie said...

I love coffee, I love Starbucks and I will surely try the eclairs real soon.

Olivia said...

Hi KC and Litzie, Tell me what you both think okay? It would be nice to get other people's feedback.



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