Ruy's Itchogoood Nacho

I don't remember how or when this creation of his was born. I have vague memories of him preparing it for me/us when I was still pregnant with Andrea. We were in the grocery and he said he'd buy ground beef so he can prepare nachos.

More than a year later, he's still preparing them and I'm still obsessed with them. Yes, it's another one of those unhealthy things Ruy and I are crazy over. Let me give you an idea of how Itchogoood Nachos are prepared.

Mexicorn Barbecue Flavored Tortilla Chips
Cheez Whiz
Ground Beef
Chili Powder
(other things Ruy refuses to divulge)

1. Layer your container with Chips
2. Chiz Mixture (combination of chiz and cream and other secret spices)
3. Ground Beef (seasoned with cumin, chili powder and magical spices)
4. Tomato
5. OPTIONAL: Olivia likes having another layer of the Chiz mixture at this point
6. Second Layer of chips
7. Chiz Mixture
8. Ground Beef
9. Tomato
10. OPTIONAL: Olivia wants another layer of Chiz mixture here as well... =)

This is best enjoyed with other unhealthy things. You have a variety of drinks to choose from: iced tea, soft drinks (preferably a huge bottle) or our drink of choice last time:

Look at how sweet our straws are!! Ruy and I are extremely amused with Chuckie Choco Burst, the straw with 4 holes makes drinking it an experience...of course it also ensures that you finish one pack in a millisecond. To be safe, buy 2 packs for your man. =)


Litzie said...

I will try this. I hope it turns out fantastic even without the secret spices. Hmpf si Ruy me pasecret secret pa talaga ha!

Ruy said...

Wahaha! Liv basically divulged everything Litzie, really! The only secret left is in the Ruy TLC...=)oh, a little pinch of sugar for the cheese and lots of ground pepper for the beef...

docchef said...

it looks yummy.. bagay with a ice cold bottle of san mig light or like u said a chuckie:)

Ruy said...

doc: lol, I love your suggestion. Beer! I just realized though how wierd and wholesome Nachos with Chuckie is. Haha!

spanx said...

hey ruy,

sarrrap nito ah! homemade na taco salad... i'd eat this with a spoon, just like breakfast cereal.

at tama, may cumin, my secret ingredient too on just about everything!!!

Ruy said...

Spanx: I see you absolutely know how to enjoy food. Cheese-dripping, crumb-falling spoonfuls is indeed the way to go! The cumin really gives that distinct "Ole!" flavor (learned it from my very nice mother-in-law).=)

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this



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