Christmas Gifts from Blog Earnings

"Chestnuts, roasting on an open fire. Jackfrost nipping at your nose. Yuletide carole being sang by a choir..." Can you feel the Christmas air about you? Well I can't. It's quite hard feeling the Christmas spirit when you don't have much money to spend on gifts. I know that Christmas is not about the gifts but it sure makes Christmas so much better.

It's not like I can't buy anything for anyone, it's just that I feel like the gift I can give the people I care about is not proportional to the love I have for them. Do any of you feel that?

One gift that is always appreciated is food. I have some ideas on what to give people based on their interests and I'd list them down here:

1. Mom - buffet in Circles, Heat, Market Cafe. This woman LOVES to eat and I'm telling you she can eat twice her weight in kilos.

2. Aunt - Red Crab gift certificate, she loved their Schezuan Crabs.
3. Lola - my lola is easy, she likes a lot of things. Alba's Cochinillo, Special Tamarind Candies, Yummy ensaymada from Valle Verde, etc.
4. QA - yummy food from different sources, Salmon Cheese Ball, Caviar Pie both from Delicioso. Foie Gras from Je Suis Gourmand. Cheese platter from Santi's.

Now, the question is, where do I get the money to pay for all of these? =) I can tell you that these things are not cheap. Luckily I have just joined the pack of hungry wolves (hello Jane and Jen) who are crazy over pay per post. So far Pay Per Post has the most steady stream of ads which makes it lucrative. They also have a wonderful support crew who are very patient in dealing with inquisitive Liv. =)

Ruy and I enjoy blogging and we do it anyway so why not get paid to blog?


arpee lazaro said...

there's nothing better for christmas than good food. i really want to eat at circles because the last time we did, was unforgettable. thanks for visiting my site, ruy! nice to meet someone who also blogs with his wife. more power to the happily married!

Jen said...


Ruy said...

Hey Arpee! Thank you, thank you! See you around!

Ruy said...

Hey Arpee! Thank you, thank you! See you around!

Ruy said...

Jeeennnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)



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