I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's our daughter Andrea's Christening on Sunday and there seems to be a lot of holes to patch up. My Superwoman wife Liv is apparently experiencing a bout with her "kryptonite". Only in this case it is not over the presence of some radioactive element which causes her to shrivel up in weakness but just the simple limitation enforced upon us by nature that is, we only have one body. As much as our boundless energy and vision can soar free with plans, dreams, goals and other well-meaning intentions, the great fact of life is that, more often than not, we cannot do everything alone. I believe it is in this fact which is where life gets better as we are then led to the next logical progression which is PARTNERSHIP. I wish Liv would learn to stop her automatic "It's my job to do everything" and "I can do everything myself" default mode when it comes to family.

Being her number one fan, of course I know and believe that she can do ANYTHING given all the talent and intelligence and seamless work ethic that she possesses. However, I pray that she realizes that when it comes to family matters, I am in it with her too. That way she wouldn't be too busy staring at all the things she's juggling in front of her and she'd also start to see the things that I try to do to help (like the map I made and sent out using my unpolished but undeniably promising microsoft excel skills.. and a lot more really). More importantly, that my wife would realize that she has someone who is waiting to give her a hand. As much as it's very convenient to have my wife do every family task by herself which would then leave her husband (me) free to watch dvds or play computer games and relax, I would not put such momentary comforts over my wife's happiness and sanity...

Which makes me realize that on my part, I should really try to be more assertive with my intention to be my wife's knight in shining armor.

I guess these situations lead to realizations that provide a food that is different from the ones we usually cover here but nonetheless a part of the married life we continue to share and partake in. Food which we should continuously seek for our lives as much as the food we seek for our tummies (like the chicharon I'm wishing I had right now).

Cheese Time! -Samar


Jen said...

Pare! (ahieheheiehe) Gad. I'm speechless -- YOU'RE SO DEEP! I don't know that I understood it all but it sure sounded good. You ought to work for Hallmark!

Ruy said...

I agree, I guess I'm cheesy enough-- "to send the very best"

Litzie said...

wow. what a post! I must agree, Hallmark is where you should be... LOL.

vicki said...

i love this post! i agree that Livi is a superwoman most of the time and anything you can do to help her keep her sanity, most especially, her humor, would be a gift. we wouldn't want her to stop quoting from the bible or spinning in her chair. hehehe.

Ruy said...

Litzie! Haha.. your career suggestion is being taken into consideration. Maybe we can have a collaboration. You make the LO and I'll supply the mushy text. With your skills and my cheesiness we'll make a fortune! haha! ;p

Ruy said...

Vicki I promise to do my best to help keep Liv's "sanity" (a term other people might dispute depending on what they think of a lady spinning in her chair during meetings while dropping surprise quotes).



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