My New Favorites in Teriyaki Boy

You know the feeling when you go to a restaurant where you like the regular stuff you order so much that you can't find it in your heart to try something else, as much as you want to? Such has been my dilemma in Teriyaki Boy for years. To Ruy, Teriyaki Boy = Chicken Teriyaki or Gyu Yakiniku Don + California Temaki

or Kani Salad + Asupara Bacon Maki or Sukiyaki (with Liv).

Needless to say, I am very proud of my new favorites which I discovered when I had lunch in Bulacan one adventurous day. =)

Unagi Sushi: An order resulting from the eel obsession I currently have. Teriyaki Boy's take on this dish is good enough to keep ordering until I find a new obssession. the amount of eel was substantial enough that I really relish its texture with every munch.

Sukiyaki Beef Teriyaki Don: Wooohoo! The best find of all. Damn tasty and thin slices of sukiyaki-cut beef drenched in the signature Teriyaki Sauce I love, love, love and topped with egg. The quality of the beef is really a big factor in this dish as the cut totally allows you to savor the natural flavor of the healthy mix of the beef's meat and fat. (P128)

Being a sucker for spicy stuff, seeing the beautiful flame illustration with Teriyaki Boy's intense look and gaping mouth totally prevented me from resisting the call of this picture.

Beef Kushiyaki: If I'm not mistaken, this uses the exact same cut beef as the sukiyaki (which is good) resulting in the same tastiness but with a tangy and spicy punch. (P75 for 3)

I'm really pleased with myself for finally expanding my Teriyaki Boy options. Woohoo!!!


Litzie said...

Wow I LOVE teriyaki boy so much! i will try some of these you posted the next visit!

Ruy said...

Do that then make me inggit. haha!=)
I'm seriously wishing I was eating the sukiyaki beef teriyaki right now.

Gita Asuncion said...

if you are in a healthy-buff mood, try their agedashi tofu. sarap din. ;-)

Ruy said...

Will take note of this! We do like to pretend we're diet conscious health buffs every now and then.=)



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