For Angie

This girl is one of the w@wies I truly admire for her creativity and organizational skills! Add the fact that we have similar's no wonder why I'm a constant visitor of her blog. Anyway here are some pictures Angie Just because you asked for it... =)


Angie said...
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Angie said...

Pasensya na, my entry sa tagboard mo sounded like a command, magutos ba! haha!
Actually, been used to shortcut kasi, actually I meant to say I put na pictures of you and Ruy sa page namin (, it's the retro picture of you where Ruy has a Wendy's tshirt, pero since favorite mo tong nakapost,palitan ko later para mas closeup.
Naku Liv, I read your blog everyday din, I love the stories of your relationship. You put such humor to it! Kaaliw :)
Anyways, I'm equally thrilled by ur creativity and I am so glad I found my mate in theme to have exchanges of ideas with.
See you around girl!



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