Divisoria and I. Despite all the rumblings and grumblings about Divisoria I was there yet again yesterday. I think this is my 6th visit in the last 2 months but Ruy was with me yesterday so it was a bit fun-er!! =)

Excuse me for inserting a bit of mush here, but it seems that time passes a bit quicker when I'm with Ruy. We parked in Tutuban Mall and walked the long road to Tabora. Two weeks ago I was literally dying while walking that road, I thought it was unbelievably long. But yesterday I was surprised at how short it was. The company perhaps? I could also attribute it to the fact that there were less people in Divi and that I actually had more than 2 hours worth of sleep (I slept for 4.5 hours) but I'd rather say that it was because I was with Ruy...naks!

After a quick shopping in Divisoria Mall (once again it seemed quick but it actually lasted 4 hours) Ruy and I walked back to Tutuban and Ruy drove us both to China Town. What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than going to China Town? As cliche as it may sound that's exactly what we did.

We ate at a restaurant called President's tea house where we had to wait for a long time to be seated. Was it because we were the only non-Chinese there? Was it because we weren't dressed in red? Unfortunately we will never know the answer. Ruy chose to pass the time by making a song which goes like this "We are the only Filipinos here, even if we are in the Philippines..." forgive me for forgetting the rest of the song, as much as I love Ruy I don't think that song will win any grammys. Hahaha

Lunch was good, uneventful, and free! For me at least =)

After lunch we went around China Town looking for some lucky things for Feng Shui. Ruy has just started believing and practicing this Chinese belief recently (but apparently he's been reading about this since he was in highschool) and he wanted to buy some things. Ruy bought so much!! I bought him an ancient sword that was supposed to protect him from evil and he bought me a jade necklace with a rabbit that is supposed to counteract my bad luck this year. I personally don't know if I should believe these things but what I know is I need all the luck I can get this year. The last thing I need is for lady luck to turn against me.

Speaking of luck we're having some problems concerning our wedding date, reception venue and caterer. It's a bit complicated to explain so I'll just explain it to you as soon as we sort it out.

On the way to wherever we were supposed to go next I received a phone call from my lola. She said that my cousin who was supposed to drive her to tonight's party will not be able to and could we drive her instead? Ruy, knowing that I was a lola's girl, said yeah no problem so we ended up picking up my lola to Marikina in order to drive all the way back to Ortigas to go to our party.

In the middle of the party Ruy and I fought. He said I was being an ass. I really was, I've been in an awful mood all week last week. I don't know why. I supposed it's because of my daily migraine. It could be because I was pms-ing (I have my period again now). Whatever the reason was, Ruy's had it and he got pissed. We're a bit better now we're talking and saying I love you and stuff...I still have migraine though. =(

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