Metrosexual? Uuhhmmmm

What are the chances of Ruy agreeing to wear this beautiful beautiful jacket from Dolce and Gabbana? Or at least a great replica of it? Slim-to-none most definitely.

Ru-ru (a nickname I'm trying to give Ruy but he refuses to acknowledge it, my friends say it sounds like a poodles I am digressing again) or Ruy wants to wear a barong. Why? He says a suit is too formal for him. The jacket shown here isn't too formal is it?

I am currently on the lookout for barongs, anybody here who has any suggestions on good styles, embroidery, or material? I'm seriously at a loss. I don't know anything about barongs! All I know is I don't like those cheap looking barongs, those that look like plastic. if anyone has pictures, suggestions, etc. Please please let me know.

Here's the only barong I found somewhat nice.

I still think the D&G jacket is so much better!


Cynchie said...

oh my gosh! super nice the jacket! if ruy agrees to wear that, ay naku, he's the groom of the century!

i love it! i love the cut, i love the embellishments!

the laurel leaf said...

Hi Liv,

The types of fabric and weave for barongs alone will be enough to leave you dizzy. But here's a shortcut: for the primera-klase types of barong, you would usually want to go with a pure pina. But this means it will also be expensive. I got Benc's pina barong in Aklan pa, and it cost us almost 5k. Di pa kasama the tahi (pina barongs need lining, so that's added cost pa). If you're not too picky with that, you can choose a pina-suksok, which is pina too but sinuksok with another fabric, like cotton. SO it's not pure. There's also pina cocoon (which is similar to suksok) and pina jusi---this last one is the most common I think. For more education on this, you can visit the kamuning market where vendors and suppliers can tell and better yet, show you the differences. Some people will also recommend you get your barong tela from LUmban, Laguna, where, like in Aklan, the embroidery is all done by hand. :) pm me or YM me if you want to discuss some more! (daphnetolentino). Good luck! Hi to Ruy. :)

Jane said...

nako, maganda ang suit for me ha, pero super malapit sya sa sinusoot ng mga banda ng mosiko! as in! baka asar asarin sya. alam mo naman sa pinas, medyo mahina sa fashion ang karamihan. baka ma embarass lang si ruy!



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