Last Single Christmas

My last Christmas as a single person and I spent it not with my family but with Ruy's family...go figure!

Let us first establish several things...I was sick. I had the flu, and I wasn't the nicest person during the holidays. It was the worst time for anyone to get sick, I had to miss workon the 23rd cause I was really soooooooooo down. Anyway on the 24th I had no choice but to go to Ruy's house as promised. (I was supposed to spend New Year's Day with them but my family decided to have a New Year's celebration instead) Ruy picked me up at 830 we were there hanging out not doing anything and then I asked him "What time are we supposed to go to your Lola's house?", he then said "Later pa". WHAT?????? Ofcourse I was pissed off to hear this, I was out all day shopping with my bestfriend buying last minute gifts I was tired, irritable, etc. and now he tells me I wasn't really needed there?!!!?? DAMN!

He then tells me "I want to hoard you all to myself muna" Tell me how you can continue being pissed after that!

We later went to his Lola's house. I was so touched by how his family welcomed me. I received several gifts from his family...specially his mom and lola. I didn't even receive ANYTHING from my family and then his family gave me stuff. I'm so touched talaga.

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