No Wedding Talks Again?

We enjoyed the no wedding talk day so much we forgot to switch modes this weekend. We had a long day last Saturday spent with Cyril.

We first picked Cyril up from his house. As usual Cyril was late, I was panicking because I needed to pick-up the lechon I ordered from my mom. I was an hour late and they might give my lechon to someone else. Ruy (who was normally a very careful and sensible driver) practically flew and drove a 40 minute route in less than 20 minutes. I got my lechon, I'm happy.

The 3 of us took the lechon to my mom who was celebrating her birthday. My mom, who despite her slim appearance is actually a voratious eater, was pleased. We tore a piece of the lechon skin off and went on our way.

Lunch followed at Burgoo. We had so much food that we weren't able to finish everything. I ordered HAMBURGOO which is actually burger made out of different meats. Ruy odered burgoo stew and a small appetizer sampler plate which turned out to be a misnomer. There was noting small about that sampler plate NOTHING! Needless to say Ruy and I didn't finish everything. We finished half of the burger (patty only) and he ate all the buffalo wings and I ate the Sta. Fe spring rolls, we split a chimichanga among us. The onion rings remained uneaten. I must point out that no one should be forced to eat that much onion ring in one sitting, it's inhuman!

After filling our tummies and emptying our wallets, we filled them up in the ATM and went to SM City. Why SM City? I didn't know the reason initially but I found out that Ruy called SM Megamall and found out that tickets to the Manny Pacquiao fights were already sold out. IMAGINE? Anyway Ruy who is currently learning (and *ahem* excelling in) Boxing HAD to watch it. I have nothing against his going there but damn I didn't think we'd have to line up for over an hour just to get those tickets. I was an evil girlfriend and left him while he stood in line. I went around looked at wedding rings, and for the latest issue of Wedding Essentials. Damn that was one hard magazine to find! there was only one store that was carrying it in SM North, MAgnet. They didn't even have it on display yet, it was just on the floor fresh out of the box. This magazine was soooooooooooo heavy. It was a workout carrying it around the mall (it was Ruy's workout by the way not mine....hehehe). Satisfied, I bought Ruy a drink and waited in line with him. I had my magazine so I wasn't bored anymore.

Fastforward to Ruy finally getting the ticket. We decided to go to Starbucks. Cyril had his coffee jelly and i had my caramel latte. We decided to go to Eastwood so Cyril can taste the TAZA de XOCOLAT, the best hot chocolate in the universe!!

Eastwood it is. I spend 5 days a week here and I still spend my weekends here every once in a while, isn't that sick? We went around, bought tickets for Narnia. The movie was going to start quite late so we passed the time by going to this cheesy videoke place inside Timezone. Ruy and Cyril belted their little hearts out while I tried to sleep. This was followed by dinner in EBISU. YAY! I have never eaten here before but I loved it. Amazing! It wasn't so expensive but the food was fantastic. Cyril had iced tea, cosmo and tendon. Ruy and I had a 5 piece tempura, grape shake, crab puffs and grilled beef. So yummy, this is my new addiction. I'm a tempura addict, I think I ate more than 8 in Paseo Uno before.

I then treated Cyril to Taza de Xocolat, he asked how much he owed me and I said "Your pleasure is payment enough!"...NAKS! Went inside the cinema and drank our hot chocos and enjoyed the film. The film left me and Cyril wondering about one thing...are there going to be beavers in Tenessee?

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