Ruy's Gift

What Ruy gave me this year really surpassed any gift he has ever given me...Watching the fireworks in the HYATT Regency Lounge, 10 stories up, in perfect view of the fireworks was just amazing. I was surprised that we were the only people there, I guess it was only Ruy who came up with the brilliant plan.

Here are other things that made that night really nice...

- having a long discussion on who's a better gift giver.
- discussing past presents and why they were good and why they sucked.
- being alone
- seeing all the people watching the Firework Olympics stuck in traffic while we were sitting comfortably...suckers!! hehehe
- looking pretty (yeah I think I looked nice that night)
- not sweating, I hate sweat and had we watched the fireworks display with the other people we would have been sweating our asses off...eeeeeeewwwwww
- discussing which presentation was the best and why (I liked Australia better and Ruy liked China)

Up to now I'm still in awe of Ruy's gift. I'm glad he thought of it, galing!!!

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geWi said...

wow inggit ako!!!



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