I thought of doing what Angie does in her blog. I put a collage and I will discuss each picture much easier than putting individual posts for each picture. Hope you don't mind the immitation Angie. =)

The first picture is a picture I took of myself inside the Mango dressing room. Shhhh don't tell them! I love the mediteranean look of the dress, and it's on sale for 70%! I find it too plunging though, I thought Ruy would kill me if I bought it. I took a picture so that I could show my mom's designer. THEN Ruy actually liked it...I was so surprised. Anyway I'll have it copied but a little less revealing please.

The next 4 dresses are inspirations for the cuts and necklines of my wedding gown. Notice how all the dresses show or emphasize the real waist? I have a very big butt, low waist dresses or empire cut makes me look fatter. We don't want fatter!

The last picture of the 2nd row are CARAMEL KISSES!! Mike gave me some today and I love him for that. THANKS so much Mike!! You're the're so "S" talaga. =)

3rd Row. The first two pictures show the kind of make-up I want. I want it strong and striking! The last picture is that of Cyril and myself. =( Cyril is Ruy's bestfriend who became a very good friend of mine as well. He just received his working visa and will be leaving in 2 weeks. I want to cry. We're not sure if he can make it to the wedding. CYYYY!!!

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