No-Wedding-Talk-Allowed-Today Day!

Last Sunday Ruy and I had our first "No-Wedding-Talk-Allowed-Today Day"...this is one of my inventions. I always try to introduce this kinds of oddities into our relationship. The purpose of this one is to continually have fun and take care of each other amidst wedding preps. I've heard horror stories of couples who devoted so much of their time into the wedding preps neglecting each other and then ending up married with nothing in common...SCARY!

So last Sunday Ruy and I vowed to just enjoy and have fun without any wedding talk whatsoever. DAMN it was so hard. I was dying to talk to Ruy about the things I bought in Tabora but I couldn't, what I did was lay them out on my lola's table and that's about it. I couldn't explain, I couldn't describe..nothing!

We then went grocery shopping in SHOPWISE, this didn't require any thinking or speaking so we were okay. We then went to TIENDESITAS, we heard mass then had lunch. Lunch began quietly, all the conversational topics I could come up with were related to the wedding (I'm such a loser I know)...eventually we warmed up and started chatting up a storm. Actually I chatted up a storm while Ruy made comments. =)

After going around, we relaxed a bit, watched TV, had a tickle fight, discussed Pacquiao, etc. We went to BOOKTOPIA to find the book that Ruy's been looking for for around 2 months now. It still wasn't there.

We drove all the way to SEVEN SUITES in Antipolo to have dinner. It was a disappointing dinner but I had so much fun, imagine this...around 2 hours just chatting, laughing, and teasing overlooking the city. We were the only 2 customers and so we had the roofdeck all to ourselves! Ruy and I discussed the last time we were there, it was last April. I was pissed off at Ruy at that time. We tried to remember why I was mad. I realized that it was because Ruy wouldn't take me out on dates. Our last 2 dates were courtesy of MOI. It has to be explained at this point that I have a very strict definition of what a date is. A date is something the other person prepared for, saved up for, fixed all the details in advanced, etc.

I told him it's okay, I don't need a date anymore right now. I'm just happy and extremely satisfied with how things are going right now. I don't need the affirmation and self esteem boost from dating. BUT!! I stil expect to be taken out on dates when we get married. hehehe

The night wasn't over then. We made a bet on whether or not KFC serves macaroni salad. I won the bet and so Ruy owes me lunch. =) We then went to a shoe salon and to Watsons and then Ruy drove me home.

I had a blast!!! Sometimes because I'm so focused on the wedding I forget the reason I want to marry Ruy in the first place. Yesterday I remembered why.

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