Things I Learned While Shopping

I went grocery shopping last December 30. Why did I go shopping? For 2 reasons, FIRST: Just so I can leave my house, SECOND: I needed to buy the final ingredients for Ruy's salad dressing.

I realized that shopping during the Hiliday rush can teach you somethings about life, and about yourself.

- When I have kids I should NEVER bring them grocery shopping during the holidays.
- People who drive are better cart pushers than nondrivers. I therefore conclude that everyone should be asked to take driving lessons before being allowed to push shopping carts.
- the keep right rule makes perfect sense, except no one seems to follow it.
- there is no need to wear micro mini skirts while grocery shopping...really.
- I understand that grocery shopping MIGHT be a fun family affair to some people, but please don't have a family field trip during the holiday season.
- People are less considerate of other people when they are happy. This is a shocking realization but it's true. Those who were shopping with boyfriends were less considerate than those alone or those with family members.

I don't remember the other things I realized but I promise to add to this list as soon as I remember some of them.

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