Gathering My Thoughts

IT's going to be a busy, busy period ahead of us. So many things are going to happen, so many things need to get done...I will make a list of everything right now to help me see what I need to do.

  • JANUARY 13 - (FRIDAY) Check mom's couturier and see if she sews well and falls within my budget. Have my car tire vulcanized.
  • JANUARY 14 - (SATURDAY) Take my mom and sister to Eastwood. Meet Kresta at 4 in the afternoon for coffee. Find the time to go to the parlor some time today.
  • JANUARY 15 - (SUNDAY) Ruy and I are going to relax. NO WEDDING TALKS ALOUD...hopefully.
  • JANUARY 17 - (TUESDAY) 5th Anniversary as a couple. As this is a Tuesday we won't be able to plan anything at all. I will be working and Ruy will not even be in Manila. Oh well, c'est la vie!
  • JANUARY 18 - (WEDNESDAY) Order Mom's cake
  • JANUARY 21 - (SATURDAY) Mom's birthday, find a way to send cake to her house.
  • JANUARY 22 - (SUNDAY) Meet with Ruy, buy Helena's birthday gift and Gabby's gift as well...oh don't forget Caspo.
  • JANUARY 29 - (SUNDAY) Meet with Ruy, Go to Glorietta for the Bridal Fair in the morning, then go to Megamall for Gabby's birthday
  • FEBRUARY 1 - (WEDNESDAY) Helena's (my sister) birthday.
  • FEBRUARY 2 - (THURSDAY) Tentatively meet up with Angie so we can visit Lala of Interplay together.
  • FEBRUARY 4 or 5 - (SATURDAY or SUNDAY) Go to the Bridal Fair in Rockwell. If I was not able to meet Angie last Thursday then we can meet here.
  • FEBRUARY 11 - (SATURDAY) Helena's Birthday Party
  • FEBRUARY 14 - (TUESDAY) Valentine's Day. No celebration again as it's a Tuesday
  • FEBRUARY 17 - (FRIDAY) Go to the Bridal Fair in Megamall. Buy Nani's Gift
  • FEBRUARY 18 - (SATURDAY) Parlor in the morning. Angie's wedding in the afternoon.
  • FEBRUARY 20 - (MONDAY) Nani's Birthday

Looking at my schedule is already making me tired. Damn it!! LOI!!! When can we meet? Oh no, damn it. Don't you sometimes wish there are 10 days in a week?

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