I was eavesdropping to a conversation while buying my daily bottle of mineral water when I heard a woman say "Beauty is overrated." I looked at the face of the woman who said this and I thought to myself "Of course you'd think that, otherwise you'd be depressed."

I would have to say that I believe beauty is underrated. I think that people don't realize the impact of being considered beautiful. It could be as simple as being served first in a restaurant. It could be the fact that when you go to a drug store instead of waiting for hours before someone asks what you're there for, people are actually clamoring to be the one to serve you. It's about receiving free things all the time. It's about never wondering if someone woudl be willing to be your date to the most boring wedding.

It's the confidence it brings you. It's knowing that when people look down on you it's due to jealousy. It's not wondering if your boyfriend's parents would approve of your looks.

I could name so many other things that people might call superficial. It's ironic though that the people who call these things superficial are those who save all their money just to get a full body bleach.

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