Busy Me -- Busy US

This week (as with the past week) has been quite hellish for me. I have so much work that I end up messing up on small details. Ruy is in the same boat, he's stressing quite a bit with his job as they have a performance appraisal coming up. He's always like that, always nervous always tense but I think that's what drives him to do well during their performances.

Back to myself, a consultant came over with our CEO. I suppose (and I sort of hope) that we'll be having a more delineated structure in the company. He listened to my meeting with 3 clients and I was happy to see that he eemed to like it. It was delightful to see him getting involved in the discussions (I was surprised by his enthusiasm as he is quite straight-laced and often times serious).

I'll be working till 10 pm tonight. I just found out that we'll be having another one of our famous parties tonight. I don't know if I'll have the energy for it. I might try to drop by for a minute or two.

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