Love-Hate Relationship

This is what I have with Ruy right at this very moment. I seriously think that when you need something you should be the one to follow things up and not leave the other person hanging. When you change someone else's plans and include yourself in it, the least you could do is follow through.

Lastly, text back when you have 2 mobile phones. That's not a lot to ask right? AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, can I strangle someone right now? I'm trying to strangle my 1 Liter water bottle but it's not so satisfying without the yelps of pain.


Cynchie said...

easy lang girl... easy lang...

easy lang sa pag-strangle! hahahaha!

gracita said...

easy...think happy thoughts and you'll forget about your anger :)

Ruy and Liv said...

CYNCH: great advice!
GRACITA: the thought of the person wincing in pain while I strangle him/her makes me happy. Are those considered happy thoughts? hehehe



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