A lot of you know off my grandmother. You all know that I'm the quintessential Lola's girl. My St. Scho friends have all been recipients of her cooking (remember how she would force us to have lunch at 10 am?) and of her kakulitan.

When I was single, I would always say that it doesn't matter if my mother approved of my boyfriend but my lola had to. I told Ruy this from day one, and luckily my lola ADORES Ruy. I think he's the first in-law she ever liked.

Whenever I would look at my lola's old pictures, I would be amazed at how similar we are. We have clothes that are exact replicas of each other, even the colors are the same. Our hairstyles are very similar. And we look so much alike. No wonder we are fans of each other! hehehe.

It is not unexpected for me to have her as one of my first subjects. Here are some more Nani pix.

The next couple of pictures are those of Nani playing with her great grandson. I jokingly called her "the Active Lola"....

I would like to point out that Nani is one of the best supporters of my camera. She's my only willing subject.

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