Last Weekend

I told Ruy that after Baguio and after accompanying me to my extremely long and agonizing medical tests he deserved a restful weekend. Given that we spent Saturday braving the Quiapo crowds, we were left with only a restful Sunday.

We went to Megamall (for some weird reason, Ruy and I have an affinity to this mall when we watch movies) to watch OMEN. Everyone knows I hate horror films but I decided to brave this one out for Ruy. I have to say that this is even scarier than those horror movies with monsters because this deals with EVIL. I believe evil really exists. And the fact that the deaths seemed like accidents and not so out-of-this-world is even freakier.

We had lunch in Sugarhouse where we played around with the camera. Here is my favorite photo I call it "alone and greasy"....waaaaaahahaha. I can try as hard as I could but being deep and thoughtful is so not me. Ruy took some photos as well but I like mine better. HAhahaha. I'm the most self-centered person I know (after Affie and Patric and my mother)

After that we looked around for some tripods and a possible gift for Quitos, Ruy's brother. Eventually Ruy sat quietly in chocolat, familiarizing himself with the camera while I went to the Bridal Fair. I'm beginning to hate bridal fairs! They're so crowded! Anyway here's one picture that Ruy took, might as well include it here as this is supposed to be OUR blog (not that he's contributing anything to it....hmmmph)

Guess what this is!

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