Tall, Dark and ?

Ruy and I were having a very funny conversation about babies. We were talking about my two nephews who were born a week apart, Caspo (a nickname we gave him as he looked like Casper when he was born, his picture can be seen below) and Gabriel (i'll post Gabby's picture next time) and how one was taller than the other.

We then happily concluded that our baby would definitely be tall (I have tall genes as I'm the shortest in the family, meanwhile Ruy is really tall) so yehey for our baby! BUT our baby would definitely be dark ....AND he would definitely have curly hair! OH NO!!! I then concluded that our kids would be TALL, DARK, AND CURLY.

Ruy couldn't help but laugh at my conclusion. He can't deny it, he knows it true!! So when we were trying to come up with a name for our baby we were fooling around by saying that we'd name him (Ruy wants to have a girl, but we both think that our first would be a boy) Tyrese or Usher...para bagay sa color. Hahaha

If I have a really ugly baby, would I find it ugly? Sure, I'd love it of course but would I know it's ugly? Would I feel pity for my baby because I know it's ugly? Or would I be blinded by love as I'm the mother?

Based on recent family history, I don't think I'll be blinded by love. My cousins know what's wrong with their children. My mother is my biggest critic, and my grandmother once exclaimed that if she ever had an ugly child she'll hang it up on a tree. So you see, my family doesn't wear rose colored glasses. We see beauty and the lack of it. But we take it as it is.

Going back to our baby, I am sure I'd love it sooooooo much. But I just have one prayer, if it's going to be an ugly baby, can it at least be a boy? I have seen how mean girls in my high school were to girls they considered ugly. I don't want my childl to have emotional scars...

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