I spent 20 minutes of my break time looking for a digital camera for Ruy and myself. I am currently torn between these two

I was looking around when I came across ABENSON. The guy promised to be able to coordinate with their supplier, he said "Ma'm just write your name and phone number on this pamphlet and I will text you when it's ready" So I did that...I wrote Olivia and 0917-xxxxxxx and left. After the Mc. Donald's incident I went back still fuming a bit and asked the sales man for updates. He said "Ma'm I'm sorry no one's replying right now. Why don't you leave your name and your phone number here and I'll text you"

I was about to do that when I remembered, HEY! I just did this earlier, where's the number I wrote down earlier? And you know that mother f*&#@$ said? "Ay mam nakuha po nung isang customer eh" I was so mad. I said "What? You gave away my phone number?" and he said "Ma'm wala naman pong problem yun, sulat niyo na lang ulit dito" of course I freaked out and started saying stuff like "What do you mean walang problema, shempre may problema, number ko yun! I don't want to give that away to random people"

Why didn't you take care of it? When you asked for it I entrusted you with that. I'm not going to give you my number again cause I don't trust you. ....

So right now I am waiting for a text or a call from my new phone pall


geWi said...

l o l! sori, natawa ako eh hehe.

i'd go for the s3is. only ones giving a bad review of s3 are those who bought the s2 just weeks before s3 was released.

good luck!

Cynchie said...

hi liv!

why not go for the DSLR na?!? hehehehe!



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