Loi was one of my bestest friends in College. God, he was my classmate in practically every subject during our first 2 years of college. He even endured learning Bahasa because of me.

Needless to say, I love this guy very much. Why? Cause he's insane!! Check out our conversation yesterday. I just told him about my Mc. Do Incident.

Loi: i think i had a crayon na may Green Blue, which was different from Blue
Livee: no kidding?
Loi: meron ding Orange Red and Red Orange
Livee: matalino pala yung tiga mc. donald's. mas sosi yung crayola niya kesa sakin

Loi: baka she's rather complicated
Loi: that's why she found you plain
Livee: you're probably right
Loi: perhaps she already found self actualization with her line
of work
Loi: and sees your struggle to find yourself
Livee: oh wow, she probably saw right through my masks.
Livee: she knows that deep down, i have no identity
Loi: yes
Loi: you are plain
Livee: you're absolutely right. I am a blank slate
Loi: you better work at mcdonald's as well
Livee: yes, mc. donald's is what make's the world goround
Livee: mcdonald's is the center of the universe where one finds peace and contentment.
Livee: oh, and self-actualization
Loi: and you owe to that server this enlightenment

Loi: why did you get medical tests?
Livee: for my hormonal problems.
Loi: ahh
Loi: so you're still contemplating to become a mormon?

Love you LOI!!

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