So Near yet So Far

This is the story of Ruy and myself this week. He has a Sales Conference here in Manila (a rarity as he is almost always in the province). The conference is actually held in QC Sports Club, a stone's throw away from my house. YET we haven't seen each other, nor have we been able to keep in touch over the telephone.

When he's on break, I'm busy. When I'm not busy, he is. It's a bit frustrating really. Every night, I'd try to stay up and wait for him to come home so we could talk properly. Unfortunately I end up falling asleep as I am sooooooooo tired.

Today I texted him at 6:59 am telling him that I'm in the office already. At 7:30 he texted back saying:

RUY: What?!? Bakit ang aga mo? At this rate we'd never meet.
LIV: Color Coding, I have no choice.
RUY: Damn I could have picked you up!

Awwwwwwwwww....I don't know why that made me smile. I guess it's nice to know that he's frustrated too. We'll finally be able to have dinner together tonight. Thank goodness.

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