All for a 4-hour Affair

Ruy's colleague got married last Saturday. I was of course ecstatic at the thought of dressing up. I started preparing last Friday. Ruy once mentioned that he liked those side-swept bangs so I said...hmmmm....maybe I should surprise him. So I had my bangs cut in order to be able to don that style. The picture you can see is how my hair looked upon waking up. (Yes, I had my digicam beside me while sleeping.)I HATED the bangs. Seriously! I called Ruy up immediately after seeing the hair and told him what I did. He was laughing and he said so why did you get it cut? And I said "Cause you said you liked it! This is your fault!!" (of course I knew it wasn't really his fault, but it's nice having someone blame. =)

I had my trusty stylist Mac Labay style my hair for me. (thank you Mac! You really are my sould mate!!). I went to my mom's house, she loved the hair! Wohooo, you see my mom is a very critical person and if it passes her judging then I'm fine. My sister insisted that I stop fussing with my hair and make-up and take a picture of her instead. See, she just lost her front tooth and would like to see how she looked like. Yes people, my sister is just as vain as I am.

Ruy picked me up. He said I looked nice...woohooo a compliment from Ruy!!! This is quite rare. The first time Ruy took note of my make-up was when he told me that my blush on was not even (to make matters worse, I wasn't wearing any blush on at that time). We went to Loi and Willard's wedding in San Seb. Here's a picture of the bride and groom. I'm glad things worked out fine for Loi. Remember that she had a big problem with one of her suppliers a week before the wedding. SCARY!!

After the wedding, I almost threw a tantrum cause I wanted Ruy to give me the car keys so I can run to the car. You see it was starting to Rain and my blow-dried and heavily styled hair would die a natural death if it gets touched by the rain. YES PEOPLE, AFTER READING MY BLOG FOR 11 MONTHS YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT I CAN BE VERY VAIN. We made it to the car but my hair still got a bit wet....hmmmmph. So during the reception my hair was not as nice as it was during the wedding. See Ruy doesn't understand this as he has no hair!!! Hahaha.... Here are some reception pics.

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Cynchie said...

gusto ko kaya yang bangs na nasa side! kaso naman i have naturally curly hair kaya ayaw nila sumunod sa gusto ko! hahahah!



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