"Olivia, I think when you are married you will beat your husband!"...WHAT?!!! When my client/friend told me this I almost cried. WHY? Why does everyone think I'm such an evil girlfriend. Don't they know that it's actually Ruy who's been very grumpy lately? In fact, everytime Ruy would turn grumpy I'd either just keep quiet or tell him "You're being grumpy again ah"

Why is this bothering me so much? Could it be because I've heard it too many times? I've heard it 4 times this week. Arvi just told me yesterday that he thinks Ruy will be under me when we get married. My goodness! I hate weak men. If Ruy was weak and if I could control him then I wouldn't want him. Honestly! Weak men make me want to throw up.

Just to clear things up once and for all.

1. Ruy is not under me.
2. Nor am I under Ruy. We are both free to do as we want within the confines of commitment and morality.
3. I have never ever beat Ruy.
4. Ruy has never intentionally battered me. (Although, accidentally stepping on my toes and breaking my toe nails should be counted as battery as it hurts like hell)
5. Ruy is free to drink with friends. I go out more often than Ruy.

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aMbUsH101 said...

Let other people die of envy. They probably just can't stand you being with such a wonderful man while they're stuck with their better halves who are not at all better than you.

If my comment made sense to you, then, diyosa ka ring katulad ko. :D



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