I Can't Wait to Give Out STDs

This is Ruy's wonderful comment after we went to Printer Matter. We finally saw the mock-up of our STD's (that's a Save the Date card by the way) and I would lie if I said that I was extremely pleased with it. I WASN'T!

The color was to light for my taste and I wanted it to be more gold and more black. But according to the people making it, we were limited by the paper we were using. Hopefully it would look better in the invites.

I wanted several revisions but Ruy stopped me. He said it's not worth the trouble of going back and forth, he said he's happy with it. I decided to be a good girl and follow Ruy. (see? I follow Ruy!! wahahah) I realized that it's not such a big deal, would people really care if the save the date was more black? Or if the pattern was a bit off-center? wouldn't help our wedding or our marriage either. So I let it go...Patrick once advised me to choose my battles. I decided this is one battle not worth fighting for.

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