Pearly Whites (A Shameless Plug)

Do your teeth look like these?

Probably not (yet) but chances are your teeth could be whiter. I know mine could. If you are like me, then your teeth have probably been stained by too much soda, tea, coffee or smoking. My mother is a dentist and I've begged her so many times to bleach my teeth but she has always refused. She would always tell me that the existing bleach has proven to be too harsh and it left teeth extremely sensitive and some have even burned the gums of the users. EWWWWWWWWW

Today however my mother actually approached me and told me that she found this wonderful product I could use! Yehey just in time for my wedding! She said that this wonderful product would come with a 2 week preparation in order to make sure that my teeth would be healthy enough for the treatment. I'll be trying it out very soon (and no my mother's not giving it to me for free) and I'll be letting you guys know what happens. I'll be taking my before picture now so we could compare it. I'm so excited.

In case any of you guys are interested just email me or pm me or tag me.


QT said...

hi liv,
am very interested in that product. kaya lang i won't be able to do it till end of nov. pero if 2 weeks lang kelangan nya, abot pa sa wedding.hihi. how much naman po sya? tenchu!

Maeyo said...

HI Liv. I'm very interested in that product din. Give us a review on the procedure and methods used. Share mo na rin ang cost. :)



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