Sometimes Ruy bowls me over with his sweetness. He asked me what I was doing and I said I was working and researching on my new medication. And he offered to buy it for me...and he was so mushy about it....hehehe. I wouldn't write what he said verbatim in order to keep my fiance's macho image...hehehe.

I refused to let him do it. Despite all my whinings, I'm more than capable of paying for my medicine. He then said "I know there's no need for that financially but essentially, isn't that what being together is all about? Let me do it..."

Woohoo...sooweeeet. I told him, I'll let him do it when we get married. I just feel funny about letting someone take care of things I'm responsible for (i.e. My health). This is something I really have to work on, I have issues with depending on other people. Do you know that I even refuse to let Ruy carry my bag? My principle is, it's mine, I knew it was heavy but I was stubborn enough to bring it so I should be the one carrying it.

In restaurants, when I order something bad and Ruy orders something really yummy he would offer to exchange with me. I also refuse. It's my fault, it's my stupidity which led me to the bad food therefore I should suffer the consequences.

I should learn how to accept help, and learn how to be weak from time to time. Howellll

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