You give me FEVER

I love the Madonna version of this song...."FEVER, when you kiss me, fever all through the night. You give me fever". Unfortunately I literally have fever today. This probably explains why I've been shiverring and gnashing my teeth even if I'm wearing a thick jacket (courtesy of Sunny, thanks Sunny) and have been drinking tea given to me by Fabian (straight from London...naks).

Ruy's being quite funny about it...he wants me to go home. HELLO, i'm not about to leave all my work just because of FEVER. My boss was working up until midnight last Friday even with a fever and a cough. He even went drinking with us until 3 in the morning...hehehe.

I'm supposed to train the Italian Sales Team of our company tonight and I'm not going to leave everyone hanging just because of a slight fever. Besides, what will I do when I get home? I spend 80% of my time at home just playing with my nephew (whose picture appears here...isn't he the cutest? And I'm not just saying that because I took the picture) and if I'm sick then I obviously cannot play with him lest I infect him as well. So better stay at work and be productive right?

Allow me to digress. Ruy's the best (for me), I realized how lucky I am to find a match. Am I sure it will be this good forever? Nope, he might cheat or we might lose interest in each other in the future. But right now he's been such a blessing......waaah my fever's making me mushy

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