STD, Bizu and a Keychain

Last Saturday, we were supposed to attend a FOOD TOUR of Binondo. This was supposed to be our Father's Day gift to Tito Ollie (Ruy's dad). Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperative so the tour guide called me up and said that we couldn't push through.

Ruy and I decided to make it a productive day by doing some Wedding Preps. I was a bit uncomfortable because I wasn't really dressed to impress. I was wearing my "I'm-going-to-walk-for-4-hours-so-I-don't-care-if-I-look-like-crap-as-long-as-I'm-comfortable outfit" I looked like crap on that day. But I decided to brave it out and show my crappy self to the world. (I also forgot to bring Iron for my hair, clip, or a cap).

Ruy has contacted Printed Matter in the past to inquire about the STD (he did this out of his own volition! I didn't ask him at all. I was so impressed and touched). So we already knew everything we needed to do, we went to their office and asked Printed Matter to make our STD's. Ruy was nice enough to let me choose the style. I love what we chose and was actually willing to pay the downpayment for the invites right there and then. Ruy stopped me though, he wanted to wait it out a bit more. Oh well...fine. I'll be seeing the mock-up by Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT. I feel like a giddy school girl.

We still had time to kill after the Printed Matter incident. We decided to go to Greenhills as we haven't been there for a long time. On the way to greenhills Ruy and I tried to figure out why Michelle from Printed Matter thought we were sweet (she told us we were so sweet, and we were seated right across each other not touching, barely talking), we don't get it. I concluded that she just needed something to say and she thought that would be a nice thing to say....hehehe.

In greenhills Ruy finally bought a keychain while I bought Mango Chiboust, 4 macarons de Paris and 3 Truffles from Bizu. We were talking about how my purchase amounted to the keychain which Ruy bought. Ruy said "The difference is this: Tomorrow, this keychain will still be with me, while all your food would be gone". I then said, "I'm sharing this food 4 other people. It's something they will remember"....

That's how it started. Then it ended with Ruy and myself engaging in a huge fight. I will not go into details but it got pretty nasty. So nasty in fact I was contemplating of walking out, except I had my company laptop with me and I refused to place that laptop in any dangerous situations.

We were okay after an hour. THEN Ruy's mom texted Ruy saying that there's going to be dinner in his grandmother's house. I seriously panicked. I refuse to look like a crap in front of these people....NO. I told Ruy I cannot as I look like this. Ruy somehow heard me say "Ok" (go figure)...

I sat through a 3 hour family affair looking like crap. It was the most painful moment of my life. So painful in fact I had migraine after. (talk about psychosomatic diseases).

During dinner by the way, I had my first taste of les escargots....mmmm, it was an experience. Ruy is a huge fan he ate like 30 of the little buggers. I told him "You swiped out an enitre colony of snails"

One conversation left me giggling during that night:

RUY: Ang galing, sino kaya nakaisip gumawa nang kuhol
Liv: (while looking incredulously at Ruy) mmmm, si God?
RUY: No I meant who thought of cooking it tonight!!!!



Cynchie said...

oo nga si God nga naman nakaisip gumawa ng kuhol para ipaluto sa cook nina Ruy, para me makain si Ruy, para matikman mo rin! hahaha!

sa dencio's ako first time (at hindi pa nasusundan ng second time!) nakatikim nyan, ok naman pala! parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ngayon... hhhmmmm!!!

geWi said...

l o l!



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