A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

Are you guys familiar with this song? I wasn't, not until 5 years ago when Ruy gave me a copy of this song (among other songs). To be honest I found the entire collection of songs weird. I didn't know what he was getting at. Why was this man giving me a song which says "That certain night, the night we met, it was such a romantic affair...and when we kissed and said goodbye, a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square". I didn't get it, the night we met wasn't romantic. And there was no nightingale in sight. To be perfectly honest I don't think I ever remember seeing a nightingale.

I was expressing this to Ruy last Friday and he was laughing. He said that that song was one of his favorite songs, and he just wanted to share it with me. He then asked me "If you found me weird, why'd you keep going out with me?" . I didn't have to think hard about it, I knew why. My reason was because he was SOOOO different from the men I used to date. To be honest, I was sick and tired of dating these kinds of men. I always knew where I stood with them. I knew I had all the power in the relationship. I knew that if I they saw me when I wasn't wearing my make-up they'd probably be a bit turned off. I know they'd be sweet and suave until I become their girlfriend. Then things will change.

It was completely different with Ruy. I had no idea where I stood with him. I wasn't even sure if he was interested in me. Up until we became a couple I wasn't sure if he was really into me. Strange I know. This is why Patric said we were the dysfunctionally functional couple.

Last Friday, we heard that song once again. Yup, that was Ruy's surprise. We got to watch Manhattan Transfer sing A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. I LOVED the concert. It reminded me so much of my childhood. When I was growing up, while everyone my age was listening to RX and KC, my mom had me listening to Basia and Sergio Mendez, etc. I loved it then and I realized that I still love it now. I must say, that when the Manhattan Transfer sang Shaker Song I got chills down my spine. Ahhhh, it felt like home.

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