After a depressing post (depressing for me that is) I just want to share that it's our 66th monthsary today! YIHEEE...No we don't celebrate our monthsaries every month, although we try to greet each other IF we remember.

IT was Ruy who remembered today. Ruy has been sooooooo sweet lately despite my sour mood. Here's a rundown of the sweet things he has done:

- he bought me an USHER dvd, even if he hates the fact that I love Usher
- he bought me a starbucks tumbler to hold my coffee in the office. Why? Cause I've been complaining that our office is freezing (when I say freezing I mean my teeth chattering most of the time)
- He bought me fruit shake yesterday (i've told him that I don't like chocolate right now and all I want is fruit)
- He bought me 2 magazines. BRIDE and Metro HOME.

All the gifts were really sweet but I'm a bit uncomfortable about him buying too many things for me. My goodness I'd be just as happy with a sweet text. I loved what the magazine represented though, it reminded me of the 2 things we're aiming for right now. *sigh*

When we started dating Ruy was incredibly...mmm...UNSWEET (i know there's no such word, I'm making it up). And now he's been so thoughtful. Amazing!

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