Roller Coaster Ride over the Weekend

I've been an emotional wreck for the past week or so. You all know that I've been getting treatment for my hormonal problems right? Well I've been taking one drug for the past month and it was very mild. Around 2 weeks ago my doctor gaveme another drug which was very potent. It left me feeling very weak and depressed. Seriously, I just feel sad without any reason.

Ruy has been more than wonderful about it. I was amazed. I'm really trying to control my mood swings but the doctor said this is to be expected as my hormones are going crazy. Due to this hormonal fluctuation I cannot eat properly. Yesterday my meal for the whole day consisted of 3 spoons full of garlic rice and one Ritz biscuit (with cheese filling). Yup, that was my meal for the day.

Add the fact that I had fever from Wednesday to Friday...I was a WRECK! Last Friday, I was tossing and turning in bed. I was feeling so hungry yet I couldn't eat. I was feeling so tired yet I couldn't sleep (one of the side effects of the drug was insomnia). When my mother saw me last Sunday she got a bit worried. She said I looked so tired and haggard.

The upside? I lost 18 pounds!! Yup you heard it right 18. I couldn't it believe it myself. I've been trying to figure out where the 18pounds came from because I couldn't see any difference in the way my pants fit. My mom said my stomach is a lot smaller (whenver I would gain weight my stomach is the last to grow and when I lose weight it's the first to go), I also noticed that my shirts are less tight around the arm.

I've had a long and "exciting" weekend. Which I'll be telling you about tomorrow. I forgot to transfer the pictures into my laptop and I'd rather show you pictures. Until tomorrow!

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