What's in a Ring?

Last month, while Ruy and I were talking I realized that I had offended Ruy when I made some remarks about his proposal happening "just" inside the car. I felt so bad cause I know that Ruy actually put a lot of thought into his proposal and here I am making fun of it. Ruy's proposal was actually perfect for me. I would admit that seeing stories and videos of men who propose in public (for the whole world to see) makes me swoon. Yes I am a woman and I do find that romantic. I cannot see myself in those situations though. I'd be so embarrassed, mortified even! I have been very vocal in telling everyone that if anyone does that to me, I'd run away. Contrary to what people think, I don't like being in the spotlight.

I loved Ruy's proposal, I really did. I was so surprised, I was with my family, and I was all made up....perfect!!

This whole talk about the proposal got me thinking though....what is my dream proposal? What would have been a swoon worthy proposal for me? The first thing that popped in my head was the first proposal in Sweet Home Alabama. Remember when Reese Witherspoon was led into a Tiffany Store and she was given the chance to choose her ring among all those rings? WOW! It seemed so perfect initially but then I realized, I DON'T WANT TO CHOOSE MY OWN RING!!

I believe the ring your bf/fiance chooses for you is symbolic of how he sees you. I sincerely believe this, this is why Carrie (from Sex and the City) threw a tantrum when the ring she was about to be given was butt ugly. I am now looking at the ring Ruy gave me....what is it saying?

Well, the ring is not plain (take that you Mc. Donald's lady who called me Plain Girl in Green Blue Shirt), in fact it's a bit complicated. Might be symbolic of how Ruy sees the complexities in my personality (might also be symbolic of the difficulties Ruy faces in dealing with me). The band features an intertwined design. Hmmmm....what could that mean? It could mean two, it's symbolic of how our two lives are about to be forever connected or two, it could be symbolic of Ruy's desire to strangle me when I become too complicated.

Interesting...very interesting.

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