Advanced Happy Birthday CYRIL

Who is Cyril? CYRIL is Ruy's best friend and someone I love sooooo much. I don't think Cyril knows this but whenever Ruy and I would fight in the past, all he has to do is call Cyril and I'd be happy.He's just such a fun person to be around...we can actually take Cyril anywhere and he could fit in. Even Carmi (my bestfriend) adores him.

Now that he's turning 22 (heeeheee) I wish we could have celebrated your special day together. Show us pictures of how you're going to be celebrating Cy okay?


Anonymous said...

shocks..if that cyril guy is really that wacky...I NEED TO MEET HIM!i really need crazy people who will make me laugh.sobrang gulo siguro naten.haha!i miss u friendly...want to go home na and hug the people who cares for me.:(--friendly

cyril said...

Thanks for remembering! sobra... my birthday is not the same without you two... See you on you wedding day!!!



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