Our New Baby

Yup you heard it right, Sushi has a baby brother.

Yehey!! Finally a hobby Ruy and I can share (no he doesn't like shopping and make-up and I can't stand video games). The LCD of this baby is to die for. Seriously! I was amazed.

Henry's in Quiapo was really a haven for cheap (read: poor) people who want to get into photography. Imagine I bought a 1GB Sony memory stick for 2000! I looked at the Sony Philippines website and I saw that it normally costs 5,999.00 in malls. What a bargain!

Ruy thought we should have bought an SLR but I said let's practice with this gorgeous baby first. Then we'll buy an SLR when we're really really good already.

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Cynchie said...

congrats and enjoy playing with your new toy!



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