Trust Me

If there's one person who trusts my make-up skills it would have to be Patric. Sometimes I believe he trusts my skills more than I trust in myself. (self esteem issues people, bear with me) Looking at Patric's picture below, I'd have to say that I am quite impressed at myself (my self-esteem fluctuates, sometimes it's high sometimes it's low bear with me once again) I made Patric look fierce, yet very clean. You see, during that time Patric's skin was drying up and that's so hard to hide specially cause Patric only told me I was going to do his make-up when I was already in the office and had a very limited supply of make-up in my kit.

I also ADORE the eye make-up (of course I adore it, I did it). It looks so fierce without looking scary. It also hid his feline eyes which sometimes makes his features look feminine. I wanted something more androgenous for this look and I think I achieved it.

Patric has asked me to work on his make-up thrice. And each time he presents me with a challenge. One was during a class production for a psychology class. Second was during a Malate halloween party and lastly that time shown in the picture for an Avant Garde Christmas Party. I love it! Patric can I do your make-up next Halloween again?

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