All the Leo's in the house say...BOOHOO!

Does it have anything to do with the planetary alignment? The form of the stars? The shape of the moon? Why is it that all the leo's I know and love are down today.

RUY, a leo, is physically and emotionally down and out. I think it's PMS. Is pms contagious? What do you think Yoda?

Meanwhile my friendly Lou Anne who is also a Leo is heart broken. I swear to God I'm going to kick that J's ass. I hate J soooooo much. I've never met anyone as trusting and as open as Lou Anne. And to have someone take advantage of her like that is driving me insane. (Lou Anne is seen below with me)

Another Leo who's not okay? ME!! I feel lethargic and sick. Damn it!

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Anonymous said...

friendly tlga!magppost ka na nga lng ng picture ung mukhang loka-loka pa ako!oh wait..i am loka-loka!haha!i luv u friendly!tnx 4 listening!tnx for hating her for me kase i can't hate her eh.damn!i am so stupid!pero paninindigan ko ito.i swear!enough is enough!-friendly lou anne



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