My lola is an excellent cook. Her kare-kare is to die for...literally and figuratively (hell the peanut butter and goto can really drown you in cholesterol). I was bugging her to teach me how to cook as I don't know anything about cooking. She always refuses as she says I'm just an "istorbo" in her kitchen.

I told her before that I think I really should learn how to cook cause I feel like I'm actually going to be a good cook. (yeah yeah, i say these things to bug her and it works) I even told her "Nani, you know what? feeling ko i'll be better than you once I learn!" After the picnic yesterday I am convinced I am correct. It was fantastic!!

Ruy loved it, he said it's like hotel food. Now those who are not yet convinced at how blindly in love Ruy is, this is the proof you need. =) The food I prepared was soooo good, I really really loved it, and so did Ruy. Never mind the fact that the only cooking I actually did was boiling and frying.

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