I was playing around with my picassa and I made a collage of all my pictures. I love it, it's the perfect form of vanity. I'll be posting that one in my personal blog as I don't think I should do that here as this is supposedly a wedding blog, sooooo I made another collage for this blog! yehey!!!

Just for fun, (my fun, not really yours) I'll tell you a little something about the pictures. I'll start from the top, on the left most picture. We shall call that picture #1

#1 was taken inside my house just last November 2005. Ruy picked me up from work (at 11 p.m.) then took me to a Tiangge in Marikina then we went home. We took that picture as soon as we went inside my house.

#2 Ruy's baby picture!

#3 This was taken on the same day we took picture #1. We had a late dinner in one of the places along the Marikina river. While I was there I was being such a snob I was saying things like "It's a good thing no one I know goes to these places, at least I'm sure no one I know will see me". But damn, the ribs we had there was soooooo good. I just have to close my eyes with regards to the cleanliness though.

#4 Taken 2 years ago, we had our anniversary dinner in Gulliver's Steak House. Then we picked Cyril up and watched a movie in Eastwood. The picture was taken outside Cheesecake Etc. while waiting for our double choco malts.

#5 My Engagement Ring...given last July 30, 2005. woohoo

2nd Row

#6 The necklace given to me by Ruy for Valentine's 2005. I was so impressed by this for several reasons. First, it was a complete and total surprise. Second, I actually adored it. The design was really nice. Apparently he went online and researched before finding this one necklace. sweet!!

#7 Taken during Edward and Carlene's wedding last year. Edward is Ruy's cousin and my chemistry teacher in Ateneo. Talk about awkward. ;)

#8 Picture during Gabrielle's brithday. Gab is my cousin's son.

#9 Free prenup pics taken during a free dinner we won in Trader's Hotel.

#10 Bora pics. Riding the bangka on the way to the dive site.

3rd Row

#11 Drunk in Bora. That's me going crazy while being kissed by Ruy somewhere in Station 2 in Bora.

#12 Sept. 10 2005. We had dinner in Paseo Uno to celebrate my birthday (yes my birthday was a month before that, but I forgot to throw a party or to have dinner with Ruy so we had it as soon as I remembered it). After dinner we went back to Eastwood to celebrate my company's first anniversary.

#13 October, 2005. groovy baby! My company had a 70's themed Halloween Party. Ruy was there to pick me up but got dragged into the party as well.

#14 This was taken during Angie's wedding last Feb 18. I don't know how this girl organized all the details, it was amazing. We had to join this contest for engaged couples and we RUy kase eh =)

#15 Still taken during Angie's wedding. Ruy and I were an hour early so we decided to amuse ourselves by taking pictures...of ourselves.

4th Row

#16 Still taken during Angie's wedding. Ruy and I were an hour early so we decided to amuse ourselves by taking pictures...of ourselves

# 17 and 18 This was taken in Solano. Last year, during our birthday week we decided to take a tour of Northern Luzon. We ate in this smallrestaurant where they serve authentic Dutch Pancakes. they were sooooooo good. The downside? Our waitress was crazy! Notice my face? That's how I look bagong-gising. That's my no make-up look. I asked Ruy "Think you can wake up to this face every day?" Cause I'd hate to be with someone who's disgusted at how I look in the morning (I know this man who dated a singer and was so shocked when he saw her upon waking up)

#19 Ruy and I in Eastwood once again waiting in line for the World's Longest Buffet. When htey say it's the world's longest buffet, they meant the world's longest wait for a buffet.

#20 I was trying on some baseball caps. I look stupid wearing anything sporty, I feel like an impostor.

Last Row

#21 Ruy got inggit and decided to try on some caps as well. We were doing this while waiting for the treadmill we were buying.

#22 Ruy practicing how to be a daddy. That's another pamangkin of mine, Caspo. He's the son of one of my secondary sponsors.

#23 Ruy just had to have his picture taken beside Papa Piolo...hehehe. We were stuck in this place while it was raining so we decided to have fun and take Ruy's picture beside Piolo. We then had coffee and buco juice in Serye.

#24 and 25 More photos taken during Angie's wedding.

Reminiscing's fun!!!

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