How do you know he's the one? -- I DON'T!

If I had a dollar for every time I had this conversation with someone I'd be rich by now.

Okay that's not really true, I'd just have enough money to buy a top from Mango for example. That's not the point though, the point is this. Why are people so obsessed with the idea of "THE ONE", is this the effect of the Matrix on us? Are we just hopeless romantics? Or are we just in denial, refusing to take responsibility for bad decisions and claiming rather that "It was not meant to be"?

When people ask "Are you sure he's the one?" I give a standard and nonchalant reply of "Nope!". I swear, the look of horror on people's faces is priceless. They are actually flabbergasted that I'm marrying someone when I don't think he's the one. I want to clear things up once and for all.

I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE CONCEPT OF THE ONE! I think God is nicer than that. I can't imagine a God who loves us too much and then assigns a man and a woman to each other, but here's the catch: You can never be sure if that person is the "one". Sheesh. Sorry for sounding preachy here, but take it from someone who has loved and lost (my first boyfriend died in a car accident) loving is not dependent on another person, it relies solely on you. Each and every single day you have to make the decision to love the person you're with. Yes there are some personalities that match yours more than the other, and because of these loving becomes so much easier. I love you because I choose to love you, not because you're the one.

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on a less jaded note. Here's the lyrics to the song I've been trying to find. It's a gospel song and I love it. This is a bit shocking cause I'm not normally religious, in fact no one has called me religious...ever! This song was really nice though and so I'm thinking of including it on our song list. Ruy is this possible?

He Still Loves Me

Took me a while
But I'm finally here
I just wanna testify
Make it crystal clear
See I've been picked out
To be picked on
Talked about out my friend's mouth
I've been beat down
Til he turned my life around
(turned my life around)
Seems like I always fall short of bein worthy
Cuz I aint good enough
but he still loves me (yeah)
I aint no superstar
The spotlight aint shinin on me
(no no no no no)
cuz I aint good enough
but he still loves me
Loves me
I used to wake up some days
and wish I'd stayed asleep
cuz i went to bed on top of the world
today the world's on top of me
everybody's got opinions(they share)
They aint been in my position(they don't care)
that it breaks my heart when I hear
what they have to say about me yeah (what they say)
seems like I always fall short (fallin short)
of bein worthy (Lord I aint worthy)
Cuz I aint good enough (no no)
but he still loves me (still loves me)
[All]I aint no superstar (I wanna be for you)
The spotlight aint shinin on me
cuz I aint good enough
but he still loves me
I'm not perfect(I'm not perfect)
Yes I do wrong(yes I do wrong)
I'm trying my best(trying my best but)
But it aint good enough(just aint good enough)
Shunned by the world
If I don't succeed
Cuz I aint good
But he still loves me(I just aint good enough)
If you aint worthy just raise your hands
And let me know that you understand
That we are all so blessed To be loved,
Stand for him or fall for anything
Cause through his eyes we all look the same
What would we do without blame?
Feels like we always fall short
Of bein worthy (we are not worthy)
Cuz I aint good enough
But he still loves me
still loves me)

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