Alleluiah and other praises

Ruy took the initiative and emailed some STD (that's save-the-date in case my non-w@wie friends are reading this) designs to me. This was his own initiative, woohoo! Can you hear the choir singing in the background? hahaha...

I was quite impressed, I didn't think Ruy was doing any actual wedding preps. Just to remind everyone, I lost interest in wedding preparations and Ruy volunteered to do the preps from this point on. Didn't I tell you I'm spoiled?

Personally though, I don't get the point of an STD. What is it for really? It's one of those things you HAVE to spend for on your wedding that doesn't really make sense. Why do I have to give you a card that will tell you that I'll give you another card to invite you to my wedding? There are other things I don't get.

= unity coins (according to Loi it's just the bride, groom and the priest who will actually see this, so why spend )
= unity candle (2,700 for candles!! not unless Madonna made it herself)
= bridesmaid (what do they do really?)
= groomsmen (same as above)
= bible bearer (Jen pointed this out to me, it was just too funny!)
= cake cutter ( I have to spend that much for something I'll never use again?)
= wine flutes (I was just looking at these the other day, and of course I'd have wine flutes in my future house, but hell to spend at least 1k each to be used for our wedding?)
= doves (I will not for the life of me, hold a bird during my wedding. Not even if it was one of the migratory birds of the Philippines...hehehe...hi Ms. Tamino and all my compa-ana classmates)
= flower girls ( oh right, they have to carry the unnecessary flowers i also NEED to buy)

Actually, when you think about it. The whole wedding is a waste of money. I can't believe I'll be spending that much just to "showcase" our love and committment to the whole community. I don't even care about the whole community! Did I say that out loud?

On a nicer note, I think it's touching how people are involved and excited about our wedding. One of Ruy's aunt volunteered to shoulder the cost of the flowers! Another volunteered to shoulder the wines! Isn't that sweet? None from my family though, they're not too sweet. Hahaha

-- 0 --

I would like to thank my friends who helped me prepare for the picnic. Patric Porto and Loi Lim -- don't know what I'd do without you guys. Michael de Villa for his "Mimosa" recipe ;) and for helping me get intoxicated with cosmopolitans and goldschlagger last night. Hi to Lou Anne hope you're feeling better. Jen!! I am not alone in being a brat pala! hahaah

Also, thank you so much for the write-up Dorothy. ;)


the laurel leaf said...

Hi Liv,

the unity candle is just one candle th ecouple lights. then there's the sponsors' candles which the secondary sponsors light. You can candles like these at the Christ the King church for a glorious P500.00. Get them in plain white so you have the choice to either dress them up or ask your florist to throw in some extra leaves and blooms just to make it colorful. :) There's a store kasi in CTK, I think it's like their bookshop or something that sells these supplies. Sa bridesmaids and groomsmen, give them responsibilities on the day, such as passing around the guestbook, ushering guests, giving them their seating arrangements, talking to guests, especially the ninong and ninangs, when they arrive at the church, make alalay the groom, etc. that's why they're there. don't just let them sit pretty! hahaha! it's your responsibility to do that on your wedding day!

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the special mention. don't wori too much about me.i'm fine but im really frustrated and confused. you are so kuripot na tlga!haha! bsta we will talk again sa ym i think i know what i can give you as a gift on your wedding.pls..not a tiffany coz it's non-existent(i guess) here!luv u!mwah!---friendly



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