Spoiled Rotten and loving it

Today my lola needs to go to her doctor so I offered to let her use my car. This means I'd have to commute going to work. I don't commute. The only time I ever commmuted was when I dropped all my subjects in college and my mom got so upset and took my car keys. This another long and complicated story so I'll stop and go back to my original point. I HAD TO COMMUTE TODAY. problem is I didn't know how.

I texted my bestfriend Carmi and Ruy last night to ask them how to get to Eastwood from my house. Ruy went on and on getting upset about the fact that I'm commuting and Carmi was very helpful.

I was a bit overwhelmed and touched by the reaction of people to this "commute". It was such a big deal to them. My goodness I'm 24 I think I can get from point A to point B without any problems. I appreciate the concern of my friends and loved ones though.

Carmi: Kept on asking for updates and even called me to make sure I'm fine. Isn't my bestfriend the best?

Ruy: After his anger has subsided texted and said He wishes he could drive me instead. He also asked for updates.

Nani: My grandmother, texted to find out if I got to the office safe.

Guess who's missing in this picture? My mother!! Hahaha. My mother is a strong believer in independence so much so that she allows me to commute, go to other countries by myself, etc. So for her this is no big deal. I sort of agree with her actually.

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