We're going on a picnic, a picnic, a picnic

We're going on a picnic , TODAY!!! Lalalala. I'm soooo excited cause Ruy and I are going on a pseudo picnic this weekend. Here's how we ended up having a picnic.

Liv: What are we going to do this weekend?
Ruy: I don't know, tagaytay?
Liv: Okay fine, what are we doing there?
Ruy: Go around and relax

(after 10 minutes)

Liv: damn we can't go to tagaytay it's Tito Ed's birthday
Ruy: of right, let's go jogging instead.
Liv: You go jogging, I'll go walking
Ruy: Sige
Liv: Great! I'll prepare a picnic...

I admit that I will take any opportunity to have a picnic. I just love the idea of preparing one meal, hanging out, not doing anything, not having to be extremely dressed up. Here's the menu I'll be cooking up.

Salad - Seafood Caesar Salad

Sandwich- choosing among the following
- Tomato and Mozarella Bruschetta
- Chicken Salad Sandwich
- Grilled Chicken and Eggplant Pesto Sandwich (with Feta Cheese)
- Spicy Corned Beef Omelette Sandwich

Dessert - Strawberry dipped in dark chocolate

Juice - either
- champagne with orange juice
- orange juice
- fresh fruit shake

Decisions, decisions

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