Can't get Excited

No not sexually you perv. Emotionally, I was a numb person. My theory is if you can't feel anything you can't get hurt. Thank God I was able to change that, I now feel happy and sad, pleased and mad, etc. One thing I never learned to feel (well) is excitement. Yesterday while looking at the site of our house-to-be (hopefully that is) I couldn't feel excited, I was worried, tensed, nervous. here's a text conversation between Ruy and myself.

LIV: You know what I realized? I suck at showing my excitement
RUY: =) I think you're right. Sometimes I feel that with you excitement is a bad thing like a sin. Hehe. Why kaya?
LIV: I'm afraid it won't come true if I get excited.
RUY: For me, things to get excited about are blessings already!
LIV: You're right!
RUY: There can be miracles...if you believe! =) hehehe
LIV: Sira ;)

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