Why didn't anyone tell me that I looked so disgusting today? WHY? Where are my so-called friends?

I shouldn't have been allowed to go out looking like this. Times like these I wish I lived with Patric Porto. He's the only one with the audacity to tell me "Liv you look like crap change out of that outfit right now!" Where are you Patxie? I NEED YOU!

Seriously I look awful!. I'm so embarrassed right now. I didn't realize I looked this bad. I thought I'd dress down today cause I'll be commuting so I put on my oldest pair of jeans, black lacoste polo shirt and plain black sandals. But it's not the dress that looks awful (although I have to admit the outfit is a bit bland) it's me. My face, my person!

I was trying on things in a shop when I saw my face in the reflection. Fuck! I can't believe how bad I looked. I had unwanted hair in the wrong places. Hair unkempt and bordering on greasy (yeah yeah I overslept and wasn't able to wash my hair today damn it). I had just the right amount of undereye circles to look like an addict. DAMN.

I panicked and bought tweezers from the body shop and scheduled an appointment with my salon tomorrow. I can't go looking like this during the pamamanhikan.

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