Reality? Check!

Now that my obsession with the wedding has passed and has since been replaced with my obsession with the house we MIGHT be acquiring/building very soon. I am beginning to see things differently.

For example, an Alex Franco cake (together with the out of town charges) would cost me as much as building a laundry area in the house. Building the partitions for 2 bedrooms would cost just as much as the Photo and Video package I got from Paul Vincent. The cost of the roof insulation would cost as much as my gown from Veluz. Outlets for Aircon, Telephone and Cable TV altogether would cost as much as my ento gown.

Why the hell am I spending so much on this ONE day? The house at least would last me and Ruy hopefully a very long time it is therefore a worthwhile investment. after all, we do need roof insulation right?

In conclusion, I will be reviewing our budget and cutting down considerably on certain things... =) I've got something bigger to save up for

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geWi said...

omg, that's exactly what i was thinking when we bought our house. like the centerpiece upgrade or floor tiles? like duuuh, of course you choose the tiles. wait till you get excited about towel racks, dinner plates,doorknobs(?) etc. it's so weird, i wanted to go to MAC just to make me feel normal.



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