Good Newseseses

After a weekend in which I saw Ruy for four consecutive days I thought the next few days would go downhill from there but NO!! Things are actually beginning to fall into place one tiny step at a time.

First things first: The house has been approved!! Yohohoy!! This is incredibly exciting for me, I hope it's going to be smooth sailing from this point on. My cousin has adjusted the floor plan and on Sunday we'll be talking about where to put outlets for the switches...who would have thought I'd be doing this at 24?

Second: Pamamanhikan is on the way! This is an extremely good news for me as Ruy is not so thrilled by this meeting. You see my family is not mmmm very nice. But Ruy's mom called my mom last Saturday and they hit it off just fine. They were already plotting to make sure we have kids early on. Sheeesh; I plan on having kids in 4-5 years but when they bring the topic up during the pamamanhikan I'll just smile like a good girl, no point having a debate.

Third: Working hours are now more or less regular! I'll be working from 9-7 everyday!! I know I know it's longer than the normal working hours, I asked for a 2 hour break kase. =)

Lastly: Because of my regular working schedule I can now go back to the gym!!! Yehey, finally. =) This would also mean more Ruy time as he goes to the same gym. I find it weird though, I don't have any plans of stalking him, I think he should have his own gym time. We'd be in seperate areas as he'll be doing boxing and anyone who knows me would know that I would NOT be doing boxing. =)

Speaking of Ruy and boxing would you believe he's lost 34 pounds already? Hugging him feels really weird now, it's like hugging a different person. I don't want him to lose more weight as I think he's gotten too thin, but it seems he wants to lose some more.

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